The Team

Bringing Jesus to people across our neighbourhood.


Jeff Kunsman

Lead Pastor and Team Leader

Jeff is passionate about building bridges into our community so that everyone will have the opportunity to hear the Good News. Born in Pittsburgh, Jeff moved to Toronto as a teenager. A retired teacher from the TDSB where he taught Special Education and Design and Technology, Jeff is married to Barb and they have two sons and one grandson. Jeff likes to stay active by skiing, snowmobiling, camping, and cycling. As a diehard Blue Jays and Argos fan, Jeff is always ready and willing to spend the evening at the Rogers Centre.


Derek Mathers

Associate Pastor/Assistant to the Bishop and Mission Executive, English District LCMS

Derek is a passionate disciple of Jesus who wants to make disciples who can make disciples. When he’s not doing that he roots for the Blue Jays, reads science fiction, and works at his cabin. Derek has been at St. Luke since 1999 and has also pastored in Saskatchewan, Beamsville and Mitchell. Born in Edmonton, he grew up in Minnesota and Okinawa but came back to Canada to go to Brock where he met and married Deb. They have two daughters and a grandson. Derek graduated from Concordia Seminary in St. Catharines. When he’s in town he’d love to have coffee with you.


Junghoon (Justin) Park

New Hope Fellowship Pastor

From South Korea, Justin is a follower of Jesus with a passion for youth and young adult groups. He believes there is true hope in the grace of God. He wants to share the good news through music. He is thankful for his wise wife, Chae Young, and their three beautiful children. He loves sharing Korean cuisine with the New Hope Fellowship community and he welcomes everyone to share God’s love.

Dušan Tóth

Lead Pastor of Slovak Fellowship; Emeritus Pastor of St. Luke

Dr. Dušan was born in Modra, Slovakia, and has served as a pastor in Milwaukee, Chicago and Toronto. He is a vibrant preacher who broadcasted church services through Radio Free Europe to Slovakia for 20 years. His meditations were published in Tranoscius under the title: “When even the silence felt warm.” He is an evangelist who is bringing the Good News to the post-Communist countries of eastern and central European as well as Canadian churches. His messages originate in his rich experience of applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to daily life. Married to Valeria for more than 50 years, they have a son and daughter and two grandchildren. Dušan loves the theatre, reading, films and sports.

Členovia Zboru Sv. Lukáša, ktorí h ovoria po slovensky, sa stretávajú raz do mesiaca v nedeľu o 1. hod popoludní na Službách Božích v slovenskom jazyku. Vytvárajú priateľské milé spoločenstvo uprostred ktorého je živá láska. Pozývame Vás na naše Slovenské služby Božie, kde nájdete duchovné povzbudenie a pokoj, ktorý každý z nás do života potrebuje.

Ruta Roumbanis

Minister of Music

Ruta is Toronto born and bred and a music lover from a young age. She has a Bachelor of Music in Performance degree from the University of Toronto and she has travelled across Canada and the United States participating in organ recitals. She is also an elementary school teacher. Ruta loves playing the grand piano at St. Luke and leading not only traditional worship music but the Praise Group as well. She encourages instrumentalists of all kinds to participate. Married to Dan, they have two boys and two cats. Ruta is a gardener and home decorator and she enjoys travelling and visiting the cottage. She is gifted at drawing out musical talent so whatever your ability, Ruta’s the one to contact.

UP, IN, OUT Staff

Ian Farquharson


Congregational Mission Specialist

Ian studied at Tyndale Seminary and is involved in many areas of ministry including men’s outreach, ESL and worship. He was born in Quito, Ecuador, and went to high school in Toronto. He loves chicken and rice as made in the Dominican Republic and his favourite sport is Canadian football as well as hockey and lacrosse. Married to Linda, Ian lives by Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Maryam Bahrami


Maryam Bahrami was born in Tehran, Iran, to a Moslem family but never practised this religion. She came to Canada 32 years ago and 18 years ago gave her heart to Jesus. He is everything in her because she found herself through him. Maryam’s passion is to talk about him wherever she goes and let people know what a great God he is. She is very happy that God loves her so much he brought her and her husband, Daryoush, to St. Luke’s Church. The Iranian fellowship here shows the love of God through Farsi worship and the word of God translated into Farsi. She is sure God has a special plan for Iran and the nation of Iran and she invites you to come to St. Luke and experience the meaning of being one in Jesus’ family.

Daryoush Bahrami


Daryoush was born in the city of Tehran in Iran. His move to Ontario involved a one-year stay in Turkey. Together with his wife, Maryam, they have two adult daughters and one granddaughter. Daryoush has two hobbies. The first, more of a burning passion, is to serve our Father God and Jesus. The second is drawing. A building contractor, he wants to be involved with God in building  his kingdom. Daryoush desires as well to be a good husband, father, and brother to other followers of Jesus.

Leejun Choi

IN Assistant

Lee came to Vancouver from Korea two years ago and started coming to St. Luke after he arrived in Toronto almost a year ago. He is an engineering student. Lee is an assistant to Pastor Justin and he prepares for the Korean service. His passion for the church is to gather international students and let them know what Jesus has done for them. He likes to swim and read historical books. Lee became a Christian when God showed him He had already been living in him. He wants to share that experience with others.

Sophie Kim

IN Assistant

Sophie came to Canada from Korea in 1996 and she has studied environmental design as well as graphic design. She loves to draw and hopes to illustrate a Bible storybook for children some day. Sophie has a passion for reaching out to people who are suffering and she loves to pray and share the good news of God’s great love and pleasure for us.

Chae Young Moon

IN Assistant

Loving God and loving people, Chae Young is a bright and outgoing person. She loves to talk, cook and share good things with people. She is from South Korea and her hobby is travelling. If she has the chance to go out she may call you to go with her. Chae Young loves her three children with Pastor Justin as they are so cute! If you hear laughing or crying during a service you can easily find them.


Brian Ingram

Office Manager

Brian hales from Arnold’s Cove in Newfoundland. He studied at Memorial University in St. John’s and Wycliffe College in Toronto. Brian loves books and music, in fact his books are threatening to take over his home. He is inspired by Dostoyevsky, challenged by Samantha Powers, and invited to dream by Shakespeare and John Ortberg. Married to Cathy, they have one daughter. He works part-time at St. Luke’s managing everything office related which casts a very wide net.

Linda Farquharson


Linda has worked in the banking industry for many years. When she is not working or managing the business affairs of St. Luke’s Church she loves to cook and have a crowd over for dinner. She enjoys sewing, quilting, biking and walking at the beach. Born in Montreal, Linda has lived in Toronto for most of her adult life and she is married to Ian. If you get the chance, ask her about her beautiful Irish Setter, Hunter.

Jake Thielen


Jake has been a member of St. Luke since he was very young. He has progressed as a member and was also confirmed here. Jake is a student at Ryerson University where he studies Business Technology Management. He is passionate about technology, music and skiing. His father, Jim, is a member of the Board of Trustees. Jake may be one of the youngest members of the staff but he sure does know how to pack a punch!





Hector Karam

I am happily married with three daughters 30, 28 & 27. I have one Grandson.
I work as a transport driver for Canpar for 38 years. I also own a menswear importing business that has grown from a basement business to something larger. We have a warehouse that my oldest daughter and son in law run. I drive truck at night and work the business in the day.

My hobbies are squash and riding my Harley–Davidson.

I have been a member of St Luke’s since Dec 2011. My Mother was German and a member of the Lutheran denomination when she was younger. She had a falling out with the Church when her child (my older sister) died at 6 months old from heart complications. She was told by her Pastor, at the time, my sister, who was not baptized yet, will not be going to heaven. This devastated my Mom. I know this had bothered her her entire life. When Mom was on her death bed at North York General Hospital, I came to Pastor Derek at his home. It was Christmas morning. I was crying like a child. I needed help. He immediately came with me to Moms bedside, blessed her, apologized to her for what her Pastor had told her 60 years ago, assured her that the Church had revised their protocol, and that my sister was in heaven. Mom died peacefully Christmas afternoon. I will always be grateful to Pastor Derek and have been coming to St Luke’s ever since.

Erick Mchome

Erick grew up in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, with an older brother and younger sister. Erick is a soccer fan and player from childhood who moved to Canada for educational opportunities. He tries to live his life in thankfulness to God for the strength and power that God provides. A graduate of a business administration and management program, he now works as an accountant officer. Erick likes to volunteer and give to others and feels it is important to care and treat one another the way we want to be treated. He feels the world will be a better place for everyone if we all do this. He is married to Tracy and they have a daughter.





Nima, a member of our Persian Fellowship has been in Canada since July 2014. Nima originally from Iran is 43 years old and is happily married to Tania. Both Nema and Tania were baptized here at St. Luke’s in December of 2014. Nima’s parents live in Canada as well.

In Iran Nima was a Mechanical Engineer. Since arriving in Canada he has been working in the HVAC (furnace) industry.

As a member of the Persian Fellowship Nima, has been active in the weekly Wednesday evening Bible Study, reads Scripture during worship services, and he plays the drum as a member of the Fellowship musical group.


David Schachow

David and his wife Michelle are grateful to God for providing them with their son Michael, his wife Lindsay, and grandchildren Wesley and Cadence. A lifelong resident of Scarborough, David finds joy in serving the people of Ontario, reading, and spending time with his grandchildren. Every day, he marvels at how God’s plan for him continues to unfold, secure in the certainty that Christ has redeemed him through His death and resurrection. David looks forward to the day when our congregation’s vision is realized, and Jesus IS the centre of life for everyone in our community.